After announcing her pregnancy, Cristina Pedroche She was more natural and sensitive than ever on social networks. Actually, she opened her heart and confessed to her followers that she doubted whether or not to share the details of this new and exciting phase of her life. But after the massive response from Internet users, the host of Password did not hesitate to share this happiness.

The networks have also continued to bear witness to the countless outfits that the Madrid native poses on a daily basis. And it is that thanks to the recording of the programs of the contest that it presents, we have been able to see a great variety of them.

Also. Now Cristina has done it again. He posted one of his most recent outfits and reminded many of Lola Indigo in The schoolgirl and the protagonists of RBD. Pedroche wears an outfit in the purest schoolgirl style with a black tie, a white shirt and a short black skirt. “Back to school”, specifies the young woman in the description of the photo gallery.

As expected, he caused a veritable barrage of comments in this regard, including praise from his boy Dabiz Muñoz. “But go pibonako,” he said next to some red hearts. “I swallowed 440 episodes of “Rebelde” to see you and I did not see you”, adds another Internet user. “I’m that girl from school…Always beautiful,” said another.

The sex of your baby

As we mentioned in the previous lines, Cristina Pedroche is more excited than ever on the networks. A few days ago, she even revealed the sex of her baby with the famous Madrid chef. “It’s a love that I can’t explain,” he said, revealing that they were going to welcome a girl.

The countdown to the arrival of Cristina and Dabiz’s eldest daughter has begun. Now it’s a matter of time and patience, but in the meantime we will continue to monitor everything they tell us through the networks.

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