Xbox It’s spent years proving it has one big Achilles heel: the lack of major exclusive video games beyond Forza, Halo, and Gears of War. Phil Spencer and his team led a great commitment to the development of proprietary games by acquiring many studios such as Bethesda, Obsidian Entertainment or Ninja Theory. Little by little, the investment is paying off and the company’s year 2023 has started well thanks to Hi-Fi Rush. NOW It’s in Redfall, will it be a success?

Arkane is a developer who has earned a huge reputation thanks to Dishonored and Prey, but his new job This raised doubts for some time.. Redfall will be a first-person shooter set in an open world filled with vampires and can be played both co-op and solo. Until we play it, we won’t know if it will belong to the entity’s other big titles, however. there is something to be taken into account and which could condition the opinion of many users.

Redfall lacks 60fps, at least for now

  • This afternoon, Arkane Austin sparked controversy on social networks by to unveil What Redfall will release on consoles with no resolution mode offering 60fps performance
  • Players who purchase this artwork on the day of its Xbox Series X|S release will have to settle for a single graphic configuration:
    • Xbox series X: 4K and 30 fps
    • Xbox series S: 1440p and 30 fps
  • we are before a news that arouses a lot of indignation in the community, and even content creators focused on the Xbox brand harshly criticize the company for releasing “the worst version of the game” at full price
  • Luckily from Arkane they confirmed that they are already working on a patch to implement 60 fps in the futurealthough we don’t know if it will be in the short, medium or long term
  • And to top it off, it’s going viral. this tweet from Aaron Greenberg from three years ago in which he assures that 60 fps will be the norm on Xbox consolesHe’s aged pretty badly, don’t you think?

A bittersweet first impression

My colleague Ramón had the pleasure of testing Redfall exclusively at a Microsoft event, and in a fairly comprehensive article he commented on his experience at the controls. Apparently the game left him with a bittersweet feeling due to some systems he liked a lot while others left him quite cold.

If you want to know more, I leave it to you. link so you can read their impressions.

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