Always hungover LOS40 Primavera Pop and this awesome celebration of the start of festival season, we’re adding more reasons to be happy. The first wave of the General Media Study (EGM) once again confirms the Direction of LOS40 on our country’s music radio adding 454,000 new listeners and reaching the impressive number of 3,382,000 daily listeners. Record figures for the community of LOS40 in this first wave of the AGE. All of its brands LOS40, LOS40 Classic, LOS40 Dance and LOS40 Urban are increasing their audience.

This is how we started this year 2023, with the joy of knowing that we continue to connect with you and that we have reached our best data since 2014. Our community that remains a leader continues to grow enjoying the best music together. Thus, we can only thank each of you for continuing to trust and bet on LOS40 and the songs as a good way to face everyday life. Together we are stronger and better.

These data are still an incentive to keep working to improve and increase the number of households that enjoy with us. Our efforts continue to focus on finding the formula that allows us to continue to connect with listeners through creative, fun and quality proposals.

For now, LOS40 outperforms its closest competitor by nearly 1,770,000 listeners and which serves as a reference for us to continue on the same path with the energy and strength that you give us and keeps us as a reference on Spanish music radio. Something that would not be possible without you and for which we cannot stop thanking you.

The most listened to musical morning

Getting up early becomes less difficult if we have our classmates You yes! keep us informed of everything that is happening in the world with the good humor and good vibes that characterize them. There’s no better way to start the day than listening Cristina Bosca there Dani Moreno “El Gallo”accompanied by his entire team.

We see life according to the prism through which we look at it, and whoever gives us the morning of the LOS40 can only bring us happiness with 20% growth compared to the previous wave standing like the third most listened to program on Spanish radio.

333,000 new early risers join the morning program who have already chosen it 2,073,000 listeners every day. We couldn’t be more proud to get so many people to start the day with a smile on their face and a desire to conquer the world.

The rising team of LOS40 is not about to abandon its customs and assures us that This year will continue to be full of surprises and the desire to have a good time. with you all with moments of laughter, emotion and camaraderie.

More than 25 years leading matinees This is no coincidence but the result of a lot of effort, talent and the trust you place in us. All that remains is to keep growing.

And the good news doesn’t stop there. from 40 to 1con Tony Aguilaris the most listened to show of the weekend on music radio with 1,673,000 subscribers, 140,000 more than the previous wave. The hit list continues to be the benchmark for our country.

The LOS40 community keeps growing

Today, there are only smiles and good faces among all LOS40 colleagues who can’t help but celebrate the good data. Joy that extends to LOS40 Classic, which also has reason to celebrate after reaching 718,000 listeners.

The first to be able to announce the good news were Javier Penedo there Andrea Sanchezbefore morning box. The classic revival continues to grow and in this first wave of the year it reaches the figure of 366,000 daily listeners. Nostalgia is always lucky.

If the classic triumphs, the most current too. LOS40 Urban also celebrates the success of obtaining 366,000 listeners bet every day on the most urban sounds. Now that the sunny days are approaching and the sun invites us to meet and party, the noises from the street are even more powerful. And we continue to grow.

we can’t forget LOS40 Dance it continues to show that electronic music hasn’t lost the strength that great DJs have shown. After his Madrid premiere at the end of last year, he can be proud to keep adding and to have already 58,000 listeners who experience the party with them. We continue to improve.

Hurry up, a hit band

Grupo Prisa continues to show that their thing is to connect with listeners. As for Dial string remains the leader in Spanish-language music radio and produces nearly one and a half million daily listeners in this first wave of the AGE 2023.

Do you daremorning show, jerk jamie moreno in front, reaches the face of 886,000 listeners who wake up every day with him and his team able to make us smile with the funniest vision of today and with a direct link to their community.

As for the other music station, radiolated, we can also say that he is happy to have 293,000 listeners who bet on the most earthy rhythms. 196,000 of them get up every morning with Joaquin Hurtado and his Cafe Ole.

Cadena SER, the generalist radio of Grupo Prisa, opens the year with an increase in audience in all its programs. The program today for todayled by Angeles Barcelonacontinues to prove to be an audience favorite with 2,945,000 listeners.

The windowcon Carlos Francinowin listeners, strengthen the leadership of the afternoon and nearly a million listeners. Hour 25con Aimar Bretosanimates with more than a million listeners the informative nights from 8:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Congratulations to all colleagues! This support is essential to maintain the illusion of continuing to offer the best of the best. The community is growing and this encourages us to continue working so as not to disappoint you.. We follow.

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