Rayden announces, by surprise, his retirement from music

Rayden announces, by surprise, his retirement from music

“I don’t want to spend 20 days away from my son in my life anymore. I don’t want to spend that much time away from home. Nothing is that important: we’re not that important either.” With these words collected by the newspaper The country Rayden announced, by surprise, his retirement from music as a soloist.

The Madrid native has confirmed that on April 21 he will put on sale what will be his farewell titled La victoria impossible and which he will present during a long tour that will last until August 2024. It will be his farewell to “discs, the songs and stages forever. When I’ve finished it, what I feel is that I’ve already said it all, that I don’t want to drag myself to festivals. Now that I’m at my best, I can choose, and I choose to disengage”.

Rayden revealed that he prefers to spend more time with his family and that he will give free rein to his creative and artistic side by writing books (he presented his first novel a few months ago and had already published two collections of poems) or even as a songwriter for other artists.

“As I never had the vocation of a musician, when they released me there, I tried to do my best. But I put myself in a limit situation mentally to get the best out of it. me, scratching and getting the And I think since the world of novels can be done from another point, more relaxed It’s also true that when you open up from the inside there are areas who keep quiet and there are fewer soft spots to draw your brutal honesty from. For me, this has been a career where I have taken honesty as a flag and since I don’t want tomorrow to be anything else, I prefer to leave it”, explained the artist born in Alcalá de Henares 37 years ago now.

David Martinez, better known as Rayden, it became the soundtrack to millions around the world. More specifically, he did this through the lyrics that come out of his mind and end up reflected on paper to become vibrant songs. Some of the most successful have been Beam of Light, Gagantua and Jarana, among many others.

More than 20 years have passed since he decided to form a band with his friends to later move on to cockfighting (he was world champion in 2006 at the age of 20 and had no rival in freestyle: his aggressive rhymes received no response to his height) and from there to capitalize on our country’s rap music scene and lead into indie and pop.

“It’s final. I’m not going to come back anytime soon with another lineup or announce myself on my own. No, no, no. My music career ends in August 2024. I’m not going to hang around the dead. I want to be honest “, he explained during a press conference.

Now is the time for you to enjoy your family. He dedicated these words to his son a few years ago: “When he hugs me, he hugs me like it’s his short life, at that moment I realize that I don’t don’t need more, I realize that I’m not satisfied with less”. Congratulations Rayden! And thank you for everything…

Goodbye Rayden scripts

“It’s hard to write (from the heart) a goodbye letter without going overboard – or sensationalizing – when all you want to express is appreciation. We’ll see each other for the last times during this farewell tour, where each concert of this tour the farewell is going to be this: a letter of thanks



TOMORROW AT 12 PM on sale:


21.4 Twenty-one – Huesca

28.4 Circle of Art – Toledo

29.4 Road space – León

13.5 M100 – Cordoba

26.5 Custom – Seville

28.7 Es Claustre – Maó

20.10 Rust Room – Guadalajara

3.11 Lava – Valladolid

4.11 Santander Area – Santander

17.11 Republic Hall – Valencia

18.11 Mamba Room – Murcia

25.11 The One – Alicante

2.12 Wizink Center – Madrid – Baila and Wizink Center logo


3.2 Oasis Club Theater – Zaragoza

9.2 Industrial Copera – Granada

10.2 Paris 15 – Malaga

16.2 Capitol – Santiago

23.2 Café Theater – Bilbao

24.2 Sala B CEAM – Salamanca

1.3 Razzmatazz – Barcelona

Maybe the Impossible Victory is about that.

Know how to win and sing the victory.

Always yours, eternal:


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