Ranking of kings“It was one of the biggest surprises the anime industry could leave me just over a year ago, although obviously Studio Spirit The fact that he was behind the project made its great success less unpredictable. The reality is that today the figure of Bojji has gained a LOT of popularity, to the point that the anime ‘Treasure Chest of Courage’ It will certainly be the most seen in the spring. And fortunately, because What a blow the manga just fell.

Ranking of Kings manga will not receive new chapters until further notice

Then I leave you with all he collected Ann’s team Regarding the bad news that was announced recently regarding the “Ranking of Kings” manga:

  • Indeed, the only thing that has unfortunately been confirmed on the Ranking of Kings manga is that it’s an indefinite pause.
  • Since there is no return date for the manga, the reality is that this break could last from a few months to… forever, although we hope that the latter is not the tragic case.
  • What makes all of this a bit more awkward is the fact that the reason for this decision is unclear. Although it is best done purely for convenience and not for the author’s health, until it is decided to contribute anything else with other communications, the only thing we can do is wait.
  • And in case anyone thinks if, despite this, there would already be material to announce an official season 2 of the Ranking of Kings anime… well, no. In fact, there are plenty left if the idea was to aspire to an expansion like the first season.

Honestly, I’m really sorry that “Ranking of Kings” has entered “hiatus” status in terms of manga publishing. The only thing I can do is wish that although this break has been categorized as ‘indefinite’ a return date is already clear although it has not been made public. In any case, it seems that we will have to arm ourselves with patience.

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