This new console should be announced between the end of 2023 and mid-2024 to prepare for its launch at the end of next year.

It’s been a total of 3.5 years since the PlayStation 5, the current generation console of Sony. Despite all the time that has passed, the machine has not fallen in price, and even so has set records in recent months regarding sales. This is because the stock eventually normalized, but despite this, It already looks like there are plans for official console revisions from Sony.

In recent months, there has been a lot of talk about ps5 slim, a review of the machine that would be released this year and that would aesthetically modify the console in order to make it a little smaller, improve its components but maintain the same power. However, today I will tell you about new information about PS5 Pro, the revision that would improve the power of the current machine to get the most out of current video games and those of years to come.

More details on the PS5 Pro

On the afternoon of May 2, the portal Insider game shared a post written by Tom Henderson, who is not only a journalist, but one of the most famous insiders in the world for sharing countless information related to the world of video games before it became official. This post talks about the PlayStation consoles currently in development, and they gave new details on this PS5 Pro:

  • According to his reports, They don’t know many details about this console, and in fact they don’t promise it will come out
  • It’s because They also don’t know if it’s something that’s going to be canceled. but they know 100% that the PS5 Pro is in development
  • Henderson makes sure that in the next few months, they will send out development kits to the main developers of sony so that they start making games with the power of this new machine, and that at the beginning of 2024 these development kits reach third-party developers
  • All of this would be for that the console was launched, according to To M, end of 2024, which would imply an announcement for early or mid-2024
PS5 Pro Playground Concept

All PS5s in development

Rumored PS5 Pro It’s not the only console in development by PlayStation. We also talk a lot about ps5 slim, which would arrive this year and would be announced during the next summer months. There is also talk of a portable console. If you want to know about all those strong rumors about what PlayStation has in development, you can do so via this link.

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