Eurovision is the cradle of creation for many European artists most important of all time. From ABBA to Måneskin, for decades some of our continent’s most groundbreaking sounds have emerged through the mighty festival. Currently, Seeing this event is a great opportunity to feed our ears and find new and refreshing topics. to listen.

Now that the 2023 edition is upon us, it can be fun to look back and remember all the amazing songs it gave us. This great festival which celebrates European music is one of the main sources of new themes for all music lovers. Well, below you will find some of the most popular, influential and highest quality songs to appear on Eurovision:

Shut up and good – Måneskin (Italy, 2021)

  • It’s one of the songs that shows that Eurovision continues to be a must-attend event for music lovers.
  • In recent years, many people believe that the festival has lost quality and it is no longer what it used to be.
  • In 2021, Måneskin proved otherwise with this theme track glamrockero.
  • Since then, the Italian group has become one of the most listened to in the world.
  • Additionally, they continued to reap successes with songs like Beggin’ and I Wanna Be Your Slave.

Hold Me Now – Johnny Logan (Ireland, 1987)

This beautiful song was sung in 87 by the pride of Ireland at Eurovision, Johnny Logan, who had already won the 1980 edition. This ballad about heartbreak has a very melancholy touch that continues hitting hard on feelings over 30 years later. The melody perfectly accompanies and complements Logan’s beautiful voice and I’m sure you will be moved by it.

Hard Rock Hallelujah – Lordi (Finland, 2006)

  • I remember it was one of the first performances of eurovision i have ever seen when I was little.
  • More than 10 years later I can still glimpse the incredible and terrifying staging of this Finnish group.
  • Whether you like hard rock or not, it’s undeniably the rhythm and the song of the song will make you vibrate.
  • The fact that she managed to win while looking so different from what she usually looks like at the festival shows how good she is.

Flying – Domenico Modugnoo (Italy, 1958)

The voice of Modugnoo resonated through the ages with this powerful theme and intense vocals. It is one of the most listened to songs of the festival, behind ABBA’s Waterloo. That said, it’s music that’s been played at all kinds of parties, celebrations, and even soundtracks or commercials. It is undeniable that he was one of the most influential melodies of all those that sounded at Eurovision.

Euphoria – Loreen (Sweden, 2012)

This powerful Swedish Eurovision winner is present once again in the current edition and has revolutionized all fans. In 2012, he captured the hearts and ears of the public with the powerful rhythms of this great song. Notably his voice is one of the best parts of the song and the performance with which he accompanied her in the final was unforgettable.

Hero – Måns Zelmerlöw (Swecia, 2005)

If you like Eurovision, you know it, in the 2000s, the Scandinavian countries were still the favourites. And it is that, in this position, we find a Swedish song that has become a real worldwide phenomenon that we still hear today. The theme is about his difficult childhood and how he dealt with the mental trauma it left him. With its upbeat tone and energetic, epic beat, this track is very powerful and has earned its place on the list.

Rise like a phoenix – Conchita Wurst (Austria, 2014)

  • He was one of the most acclaimed representatives of the LGTBIQ+ community, but also stood out for his incredible voice.
  • Thanks to his talent and his impressive presentation, he conquered all the public.
  • The theme is about overcoming and freedom, two of the most important questions in his life.
  • That being said, his music reached the whole world in 2014 and it was a real revolution.

La la la – Massiel (Spain, 1968)

In this very first version of Eurovision, Spain managed to rise to the top, winning the festival for the first time. This great song may be quite simple, but its upbeat and energetic tone reflects the social reality of Spain at the time, in the last stage of the dictatorship. Its influence is undeniable and it was an important step for the Spaniards within the European community.

Don’t Leave Without Me – Celine Dion (Suiza, 1988)

Although many know this song because part of the popular Titanic soundtrack. That said, one of the first times it was heard in Spain was at the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest. Here we see a young Celine Dion showing the first signs of the enormous entertainer what he would become. After winning this edition of the festival, his career started to take off and he became unstoppable.

Waterloo – ABBA (Sweden, 1974)

ABBA’s songs are among the most listened to songs of all time and, in fact, this is one of the cases where the band’s popularity almost eclipses that of the festival. With Waterloo, we saw the potential of this Swedish band that would dominate the pop genre for many years. As expected, this theme is light, eye-catching and very powerful.

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