One more afternoon, we came back to cover the CCSevent themes The team of the season who appeared in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Before giving way to the content of this article, we would like to remind you that during the morning we also share The critics of Dimitri Payet ALL Moments (Free) there Declan Rice TOTS.

SBC “TOTS Challenge 3 (EXP)”

We will have margin until Friday May 5 at seven o’clock in the afternoon (Spanish peninsula time) to carry out this FAD. The reward will be a pack of two players averaging 86 or more. cannot be repeated and the cards that affect us in the pack they will be non-transferable.

  • Max Leagues in Team: 2
  • Max Nationalities in the workforce: 2
  • Minimum 3 players from the same Club
  • 5 players minimum: Single
  • Minimum team star value: 81
  • Minimum 31 total chemistry points for the team
40,650 coins in general market and 47,700 in PC

We clearly recommend it if you can reduce it enough with non-tradeable cards from your own club. But if it’s not and you have to spend a lot of coins, we’ll give up. You would lose experience with the season pass, but we can supposedly get over 100,000 by completing all the related objectives.

In this other article we leave you The leak with the April POTM winner of LaLiga Santander. Don’t forget you can follow us on our official Telegram broadcast channel to stay up to date with everything happening in FUT 23.

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