Enjoying classic deliveries again is good, but getting their trophies is even better

If there’s anything I particularly like about the new direction that PlayStation Plus Subscription Service, was undoubtedly the decision to add a catalog of classic deliveries of past generations. Because yes, for those of you who don’t know it yet, PSPlus offers up to three different types of subscriptions: Essential, Extra and the most complete of all, the Premium.

And the latter is my favorite, for the simple and unique reason that it has a catalog of classic console games like PSOne, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PSP. Today it is time to specifically mention Siphon Filter: Dark Mirror and Ape Academy 2two classic PlayStation Portable (PSP) games, which add to the subscription service and come accompanied by their own trophy listssomething that I think always adds a plus to the experience.

Siphon Filter Trophy List: Dark Mirror and Ape Academy 2

Siphon filter: dark mirror

  • bronze trophies
    • High operational
    • These are the coordinates Ellis sent
    • The interrogation is over
    • What is the red team doing here?
    • Power is restored
    • New uplink installed
  • silver trophies
    • Based. Constantly
    • It was a very poorly designed bomb
    • blood and oil
    • Dark Mirror will kill us all
    • Like the good old times
    • I remember many things
    • it couldn’t be so easy
    • You attract too much attention, as it is
    • A broken down building won’t stop me
    • I’m gonna need a bigger gun
    • Touchstone and singularity
  • gold trophies
    • Your failure will cost us all dearly.
    • Masters of our destiny
    • similar destinations
    • system shock
    • destroy everything
    • The beginning of the end
    • let them go
  • platinum trophy

You can read their trophy details through the next link.

academy of monkeys 2

  • bronze trophies
    • Original Monkey
    • Shop and fetch
    • quiet reading
    • Reading on demand
    • i need a helping hand
    • Recycling
  • silver trophies
    • beginner card player
    • novice card player
    • average card player
    • shark card
    • professional card player
    • ornate specter
    • uncommon strength
    • uncommon power
    • Hit them 1.2
    • unfortunate flight
    • defender of the monkeys
    • Fencer Monkey
    • academy champion
    • cardboard collector
    • Is it in letters?!
    • Monkey savings
    • We are equal
  • gold trophies
    • ambushed
    • Does Pipotron never learn?
    • The monkey business ends here
    • A is for Ape
    • go bananas
  • platinum trophy

You can read their trophy details through the next link.

1366 2000

These are each of the trophies that the two classics will have, do you dare to do it?

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