Are we going to hit the same as in April or are we going to miss? These are our predictions for May’s service games

My God, how the year flies by. But hey, better, I want to go to the beach. Holidays aside, it’s time to talk about PS Plus. No, they haven’t announced anything yet, but we wanted to do in Areajugones our predictions, something usual every month, as you already know.

Yes yes, that we never hit and all that, but there is the pleasure, playing it well at least We got the April forecast right, Why we said it what would they add Sackboy: A Great Adventure, and so it was, they gave it with Essential. Will we strike this month? Well, let’s first see what our predictions are.

PS Plus predictions for May 2023

Here I leave the video, but now we will stop and talk about each of the three games that we have mentioned, which are the following:

Dark Souls III

I play where there is. Is this the best of the whole trilogy of dark souls (not counting demonic souls)? Well, you should see it, but it’s a great game that brings to an end one of the most iconic and influential sagas of all time. And if they did with PS Plus, that would be a great reason to subscribe.

TMNT Shredder’s Revenge

After dark souls 3, We are not specifically going to talk about an easier game, because this work has its great difficulty. Of course, don’t be fooled by its graphics, because it’s a real gem in its genre and indie games.

Ratchet & Clank: a dimension apart

Virtually everything they do in insomniac games It’s gold, and this game was. I’ve played it since launch (come on, I gave it a guide and all) and it’s absolutely a game from start to finish. Fun, light (because it’s not very long), great graphics and all the good things that can be said about a special and wild adventure game.

May Games Announcement Date and Availability

  • Games are always announced the last Wednesday of the month and are available the first Tuesday of the month, with a one week lag
  • In other words, in the case of May, will be announced on Wednesday April 26
  • will become available the first Tuesday of the month i.e. the next May 2
  • It is also likely that games are leaked days before, for the past few months it has happened
  • In the event that the latter occurs, we will inform you quickly

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