They haven’t announced what games they’ll be giving away in a week yet, but Sony has offered one in particular.

Despite the fact that as of this writing it is still April 10, not all things related to PS Plus for the fourth month of the year have yet been announced. And it is that Extra and Premium games have not yet been announced. They will do it later, specifically next Wednesday, April 12, so None of these April 2023 games will come to PlayStation Plus until next Tuesday the 18th.

However, something happened that happens very rarely, and that is that it reached the service a game that is neither April nor March, because it happened between and out of sheer surprise, because sony He did not announce anything at any time. So yes, a few days ago a new game has arrived on PS Plus Extra, to the PS4 catalog to the surprise of many. And that’s the one you’re going to see next!

Anodyne arrives by surprise on PS Plus Extra

Well, like the companions of GameRant, PS Plus Extra has received a new game from sony totally by surprise, and it’s Calming. I leave the trailer with the information below:

  • The first thing, I leave you download link here
  • The community realized that this game was added on April 4 but totally by surprise
  • At any time sony didn’t say anything about this game, as it wasn’t included in the list of games added in March, and the April ones haven’t been announced yet
  • So, it surprised more than one, but hey, a new game is always appreciated

About Anodyne

The PS Store says it about Calming: “In Anodyne (a homage to 16-bit adventure), your character is young and you have to face the strange world of your own subconscious.

Explore a world filled with natural, urban and abstract environments, solve puzzles and defeat enemies… with a broom! All this with a dreamlike soundtrack and with character.

This game is inspired by classic 16-bit adventures and invites you to take part in a deep and wondrous journey as you explore a huge world with many wacky, challenging and fun dungeons to discover what awaits you in Young’s subconscious.”

Learn more about PS Plus

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