If you are a subscriber, make the most of the service by getting all this exclusive content totally free

For many, PS Plus on PlaySation means only two things: online multiplayer available in all games there free games every month that they add, either at the Essential level or at the Extra and Premium levels. However, It doesn’t stop there, but the service of sony It has other quintessential benefits and perks that very few gamers pay attention to and should.

In this article, I will be compiling some of the exclusive content that all PS Plus subscribers, regardless of level, have access to without any restrictions, except for the content that I will leave for the end of the article, which is exclusive to the Premium level. Yet everything else is completely free for you and you can enjoy it, whatever your level. Let’s go!

Exclusive PS Plus content for April 2023

If you are a fan of games like Overwatch 2, Fortnite oh fight, then you are in luck because there are free packs for these games. Although there are many more that you can see in this link, I leave you these most remarkable exclusive contents below:

Do you have PS Plus Premium? Try God of War: Ragnarök for free

Yes, PS Plus Premium allows play various games totally free for a limited time to try it out. And this is a spectacular option.

  • If you have PS Plus Premium you can take a test God of War: Ragnarok.
  • The proof is limited to one hour of play.
  • To access the test will have to go to game page in store there have PS Plus Premium.
  • This offer open the door to new users who have not yet decided to buy the game and decide in full knowledge of the facts.

Everything about PS Plus

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