Mr. Money is a powerful gentleman; especially when it falls more in the pocket of one than in that of the other

In recent days the echo of the noise that caused the rejection by the CMA of the takeover of Activision by Microsoft. So much so that at present it is unclear what will happen with the acquisition. But in this article, I want to decentralize the attention from that to focus it on one of the companies that opposed this process the most. Indeed, I am talking about PlayStation.

The latter’s position has caused a series of frictions between the two companies that have given a lot to say, but today I want to talk about something that was not too clear… at least, until now. . The thing is, portal companions CharlieIntel They collected a series of data from the report issued by the CMA that would appear as an explanation of why PlayStation never agreed to Microsoft’s proposed Call of Duty deal. Then I leave you with all the details.

What was the deal exactly?

  • Microsoft offered to continue publishing Call of Duty on PlayStation platforms for the next 10 years
  • The first came to comment that he considered it long enough for PlayStation to create a franchise that could rival Call of Duty
  • PlayStation repeatedly rejected the deal in an effort to maintain a strong position against the purchase

The real reason PlayStation reportedly rejected the deal

  • In the data collected at CharlieIntel, we can see that Microsoft would have put a clause in the agreement that had not been discussed until now
  • It states that Microsoft would take 100% of revenue from in-game sales and purchases generated by games you publish on other platforms
  • It should be noted that PlayStation It usually keeps 30% of the money other companies make through the PS Store
  • This would imply that even if Call of Duty continued to be released on PS4 and PS5, Sony would not see a single euro, since everything would be taken by Microsoft

What will happen to the purchase from now on?

At the moment the purchase cannot be made; although it is true that Microsoft has appealed the case and its terms will be reviewed to try to move it forward. Currently the company is taking various steps to obtain the approval of the CMA and that this commission ends up giving the green light to the next call. The bad thing is that it’s unclear when the latter will take place, so I’ll be watching any action Microsoft takes in the future to let you know how things go.

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