They are the latest developer to officially join the PlayStation family after collaborating on several occasions.

PlayStation Studios already has a good handful of studios ranging from legendary companies such as The naughty dog even smaller but who are also incredibly talented. It has been some time since the last acquisition by the brand of sony, but today they wanted to announce the purchase of a studio that already has a few years of experience and with which PlayStation has already collaborated: it is Firewalk Studios.

This purchase will most likely mark a before and after for this practically new, very young promoter. Who by the way, yes there is a confirmed title that they are currently developing Since Firewalk Studios, and it’s a title they’ve been working on for several years now. I will tell you about this detail and some others below, related to this acquisition.

PlayStation takes over Firewalk Studios

This happened official PlayStation blog who confirmed this acquisition:

  • In fact, they were made with Firewalk Studios, so it already belongs and is part of the PlayStation Studios family
  • However, this developer already had a relationship with PlayStation since 2021, only two years after its creation
  • Without going any further, the game they are currently working on has already been confirmed for quite some time that it is also going to be released by PlayStation

Who are Firewalk Studios?

This company founded in 2019 is little known since it has not developed any games. However, since 2021 (it is known) they are working on an online multiplayer AAA for PS5 of which nothing is known or seen. Yes, already in 2021 it was confirmed that PlaySTation was going to publish this game, but it was not revealed that the studio was part of PlayStation Studios, so there is the novelty. The study is composed of former developers of Bungie.

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