Do you know why many live-action remakes developed by Disney didn’t work? Because animation is a technique that is difficult to beat. When a film like Peter Pan is created using this technique, the emphasis is on visual and artistic resources that transport us to dream worlds, with unique creatures and impossible planes. sorry to say neither The Lion KingEast The jungle Book In The beauty and the Beastthe three best live action of disney, they manage to transfer the magic of the original movies to our world. And he doesn’t understand either Peter Pan & Wendy, an adaptation that will surely appeal to the little ones in the house, but with quite serious management errors.

The best of Peter Pan and Wendy

Wendy’s Importance

if it appears Wendy in the title of the film, it is not an easy task: Peter Pan and Wendy give us one Wendy adventurous, capable, and protagonist, something that didn’t happen with the original animated film as it focused almost entirely on the child who doesn’t want to grow up. The magnificent interpretation of Never Andersonwhich makes us forget the Wendy original to meet a totally different version.

some characters

Jude’s Law he plays just as well Hang, although I was perhaps expecting more from this characterization that sometimes feels like an end-of-course feature. Fortunately the interpreter knows how to transform into each character to which he gives life, because he succeeds and with a note.

And finally, I emphasize BellI really liked this version of Yara Shahidi. Above all, because it’s a knock on the table: fairies don’t exist, so fairies don’t have to be blond and white. Little ones will surely enjoy a character like this if they’ve never felt portrayed as Tinkerbell before.

The worst of Peter Pan & Wendy


Peter Pan and Wendy lasts 108 minutes, half an hour longer than the 77 minutes it had Peter Panthe Disney classic from 1953. How do you manage to increase the number of images? With a scenario that quickly becomes boring, with few surprises and scenes that drag on. There is a serious assembly problem, and I don’t talk about the technique anymore (later I will stick to this): It is live action It seems like a mere procedure for the company to bring one of its best classics to the big screen, with no intention of impacting new audiences or the generations that grew up with it..

This Live-Action Peter Pan Loses All Magic In Adaptation Work

Visual aspect

Now well, It really strikes me how “ugly” the film is.. I never thought I’d say that to a live action of disneybecause all the ones the company has published so far have been valuable (for example, I think Pinocchio has this section as the only good point). But Peter Pan & Wendy doesn’t just change the original film’s bright, bright colors to muted, low-contrast tones… The use of chroma is inefficient, the action sequences are poorly shot, and the special effects are badly shot. . Well, conspicuous by their absence: Tinkerbell’s pixie dusts are barely noticeable.

Peter Pan and Wendy
Technically, Peter Pan & Wendy isn’t just an unambitious film: it’s seriously flawed.

Peter Pan & Wendy is a live action that lacks envy

I don’t know what the budget was Peter Pan and Wendybut now I understand why its release is exclusively for Disney+. A lot of longing is what’s missing from a movie that should have been magical, and instead it’s still a soulless live-action adaptation. I’m scared of The Little Mermaid, my favorite Disney classic…

Peter Pan & Wendy is available from Friday, April 28, 2023 on Disney Plus.

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