If you loved the classic Game Boy as much as we did, we’re sure you should check out a new Kickstarter campaign for a book called GameBook: the unofficial DMG companion.

It is prepared by ninety mediawhich also guarantees that it includes “a list of the best Game Boy games” and also “an immersive historical look back at the platform, as well as deeper looks at many of the titles that have defined the handheld console”. There is even a tribute to Gunpei Yokoi, considered the father of the Game Boy, and more. Basically everything you would expect from a book like this will be there, and more.

If you think this is something you need (we do) and fancy treating yourself to one of the best bedside books we’ve ever seen, just step into the campaign to contribute your grain of sand or simply marvel at the beautiful sights. Crowdfunding is just getting started and GameBook: the unofficial DMG companion He has almost reached his financial goal, so this project will definitely go ahead.

The Ultimate Game Boy Encyclopedia is on KickstarterThe Ultimate Game Boy Encyclopedia is on Kickstarter
The Ultimate Game Boy Encyclopedia is on Kickstarter

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