Weekend yes and weekend too Let yourself be loved You leave us titles that certainly give something to say. However, the days of the format presented by Toñi Moreno and later directed by Paz Padilla are numbered after Telecinco canceled its recordings. As we know, this unexpected farewell will be on April 1st due to poor audience data.

But while that day is coming, we continue to enjoy the program and like every Saturday The comedian received a new guest on the set. In this case alexanderwho came to Let yourself be loved eager to win back the heart of his ex-girlfriend Filomena, which was not expected was the 180º turn that this story gave, causing the presenter to be angry.

As the guest himself explained, their relationship ended due to distance and unpleasant phone calls of his ex-wife in Filomena. Álex assured Paz Padilla that he felt he was not involved enough from the beginning of the relationship and that he should have corrected these disagreements between his ex-partner and his then girlfriend… but , is that really the reason?

Philomène in “Let yourself be loved” / Telecinco (Let yourself be loved)

The reverse that the situation gave

It was time to receive the third part of the story on the set, Philomene, who from the start did not seem very happy to see her ex-boyfriend again? On the screen. In fact, he went so far as to tell the show host that he was not interested in what he had to say: “I’m confused. There may be a matter of confusion. I know him from a trip,” he said, denying ever having had a relationship with him.

She is lying. I knew it, because I know him. His role doesn’t interest me,” he said. Filomena revealed that she had never had anything with him, they hadn’t even kissed: “A story was created where he there isn’t.”

Despite the fact that Álex tried to defend himself when Filo left the set, Paz Padilla didn’t believe it and, after his insistence, the presenter got angry, answering him clearly and concisely: ” You kinda tricked us,” he said, asking if he had any evidence or messages for what he said. Álex said no because he was deleting the conversations and that made Padilla explode: “You made up a fictional relationship. Stop insisting.”

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