Within just 24 hours, Paula Gonu has become the center of controversy on social networks. To give some background, it all began after a user shared a clip of an interview in which the influencer comments on the success of the streamer Illojuan and makes some comments about his Andalusian accent.

“The merit of being a person named Illojuan, from his fucking house, and having 40,000 people watching you speak Andalusian, and probably 70% don’t even understand it… It’s impressive… and every day the same thing… It’s annoying, that is to say, for me, it has a lot of merit,” we hear in the video.

THE HORROR COMMENTARY Paula Gonu in the crosshairs of all Spain, the brothel with Andalusia for having mocked the melody of the streamer IlloJuan pic.twitter.com/hhyTQei2jc

A few words which, judging by itself Paula Gonu who had to go out to defend herself, were taken out of context: “I NEVER said that. I would have to be stupid, I’m not that much. I literally said that for me Illojuan is the best content creator because he entertains without super productions,” he explained. However, even with these, the Catalan was spared all sorts of comments, especially from Andalusians who felt attacked.

Paula Gonu apologizes

This prompted the influencer to act on the matter and sit down in front of the camera to, once again, clarify everything that happened: “I am mainly speaking to my Andalusian followers and more particularly to all the Andalusians, those who follow me and those who don’t. t” he began by saying.

The young woman did not even want ten seconds of video to pass to ask “sorry if but” for not having “expressed herself better live two days ago” and assuming that her words were going to be understood when asked. . The Gonu wanted to collect his words as such to see where the breakdown was:

“He asks me who is the best content creator in recent months and I answer that for me it’s Illojuan because of the merit he has (…) Entertaining a very high percentage of people who shouldn’t even understand to speak Andalusian”, he recalled and assuming that these are words that can be misinterpreted.

This is why he once again explained what he wanted precisely: “I was not talking about the Andalusian accent, I was referring to the expressions that Illojuan uses because he is Andalusian and which characterizes him very much and that his audience (…) see and they laugh with him,” he said. “I didn’t want to say that the Spaniards didn’t understand it,” he stressed.

However, the influencer wanted to admit her mistake because there may be many people who do not follow her content and do not understand her humor and, moreover, she admitted that she was not aware that Andalusians “are fed up with this laughingstock” and that at best his followers told him, that’s where the fuss comes from.

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