What I tolerate the least in a reality is that a contestant comes in with a learned role. Survivors 2023 sharp lanes with a cast full of faces unknown to most mortals, but the theater mounted yesterday by Patricia Donoso I ended up getting over it. We have already seen that coming WHO I was gonna give us momentsbut what I did not imagine is that 24 hours after starting his adventure in Honduras he was going to give up (half).

Why did Patricia Donoso want to leave Survivors 2023?

Ion Aramendipresenter of Survivors 2023 on Sunday he would ask Patricia Donoso what was wrong with him and why he wanted to quit the program just a day after he started. She was very clear:I’m fine with my teammates, they’re great, but the situation has passed me by. I decided that I was going to leave, I held on for a few more hours, but I already made a decision and last night my head no longer said“.

Patricia Donoso, candidate for Survivors 2023, almost gave up this Sunday

In social networks it was rumored that everything was due to the operation he may have undergone before entering to perfect his facebut Patricia Donoso He denied it with these statements. She just imagined herself to be the queen of the world and sleeping 24 hours on a beach was beyond her.

Now, after the presenter encouraged him and his companions, Patricia Donoso he insisted on leaving because he had lost the challenge he had given himself before entering: “it’s horrible”. nor her husband, Charles, managed to withdraw his head from Spain. But at the last moment the competitor has decided to withdraw. Maybe because he found out that if he left he would face a financial penalty?

Patricia Donoso in Survivors 2023 does she do theatre?

This isn’t the first time a Survivors 2023 contestant has made the scene of leaving the program to pull out at the last moment.. I do not know if Patricia Donoso He believes that this is how he will win the affection and respect of the spectators, because it is the opposite: it’s a reality of survival although the heart has corrupted it in recent years and the winner is usually the candidate who has shown the most strength during the three or four months of living together and retiring in Honduras. Therefore, Patricia, if you do theater (and we’ve already seen you on the set of Save me on other occasions), I’m sorry to tell you that this technique will not work for you..

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There gala 2 of Survivors 2023 is issued in Telecinco Thursday, March 9, 2023 at 10:00 p.m.

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