In the midst of the chaos generated by Hurricane Ian as it passed through Florida, United States, something good turned out to be the opposite, since this meteorological phenomenon has indirectly generated thousands of jobs since a lot of labor will be needed to remove debris and repair structures.

Every crisis brings opportunity, and in this sense immigrants will benefit from cleaning up the most affected parts of the state, according to Stan Veuger of the American Enterprise Institute.
President Joe Biden indicated that Washington will cover 100% of the expenses for 60 days derived from the damage in Florida, so an unlimited number of people can be hired in that period; then will come the reconstruction of housing and infrastructure, a sector dominated by Hispanics who work in that industry.

In turn, engineers and electricians will be required, so both small, large companies and independent contractors will participate in these tasks. It is estimated that in the coming days there will be a great demand for work coupled with the 10 million jobs available in the sector.
It should be noted that construction materials registered a drop in their prices, so the news is hardly a relief for people who lost their homes and want to rebuild them.

To date, Congress has approved $20 billion to rebuild Florida.

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