the one who comes has become one of the most popular Spanish series and among its characters, amador rivas, is one of the most beloved. This Saturday, Pablo Chiapella took his place on the set of Let yourself be loved to surprise one of his followers, but not before doing a return with Paz Padilla on his professional life and the most intimate aspects of his life.

The actor has spent years devoting himself to the world of theater and entertainment, although much of the public knows him for his role in the fictional series and for his famous phrases that led him to near success and even for his signature dances such as the mandanga-style.

But behind that facade that we all got to see through his role, Pablo opened up to talk about Natalia Bridge, The love of his life. They have been together for over 15 years and for those who don’t believe that working can also find love, this is a clear example. the one who comes In addition to changing his life, he also made him meet his wife, that is, she was part of the wardrobe team. Now, in addition to a life together, they also have a seven-year-old daughter named Valentina.

Paz Padilla and Pablo Chiapella in ‘Let yourself be loved’ / Telecinco (Let yourself be loved)

his most intimate side

“It’s a double-edged sword because when you work so hard on a project, fun things happen during the work and other less fun things happen. Being with a partner is good because they understand the environment and also, what’s going on there, you take it home with you and you keep talking about it. We had to say ‘stop talking about work,'” he explained while speaking what it was like to work with his partner.

The interpreter also explained that don’t leave your daughter watching the series because she considers “it’s not appropriate content for her”. However, he acknowledged that the impact is so strong that his colleagues know it.

“I would never defend the attitude and the way of being of Amador Rivas, his relationships with women, with men…”, he began by evoking his role in the one who comes Also, although he is aware that many people like his role for his humor, he insisted that “like Pablo, I do not share the attitude of Amador Rivas. My values ​​are very far from that.”

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