Overwatch 2 is giving away this FREE Junkrat skin thanks to Prime Gaming: How to claim it

Overwatch 2 is giving away this FREE Junkrat skin thanks to Prime Gaming: How to claim it

It’s been a while since I brought you an article related to Overwatch 2 (analysis), but the situation deserves it. We’ve already gone through half of season 3 of the game since it became free to play (well, since that second part came out), so there’s not much left for season 4. What’s not not exactly what I’m very excited about either, since I haven’t reached battle pass level 80 yet and need the mythical Kiriko skin.

But to come to the point now, something you do Monitor 2 since it came out it’s that They offer many free skins. Of course, the vast majority of them were already available in the first To watch, so if you’ve played this game enough, you probably already have them. But if you’re a new title player, and you also enjoy playing with Junkrat, you’ll like to know that one of their coolest epic skins is free to claim.

Skin the Junkrat the Overwatch 2 for free

They were companions of Overwatch Cavalry those who echoed this award of First game:

  • It is Junkrat’s Circus skin, which is epic
  • It is free for all Prime Gaming subscribers (and Amazon Prime), even Even if you’re not an Overwatch 2 player
  • It’s found now available to claim and you have until the next April 20 give

How to claim it

To achieve this, you need to follow these steps:

  1. The first thing to remember is that you need a subscription to First game oh Amazon Premier
  2. Enter for this link and link your account First game with your platform
  3. Then go to this other link (the research Monitor 2 on the previous page) and inside you will find the available rewards of the game, including this skin.
  4. Trade it in, and it’s yours forever!

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