When Counter Strike 2 was officially announced, many players started wondering if a ban on CSGO would be lifted with the release of the update. The answer to this question was provided by Valve.

With the announcement of Counter-Strike 2, many questions arose in the minds of gamers about the long-awaited “successor” to the most popular online FPS. One of the most pressing questions is whether the account bans in CS:GO will still be in effect after the update is released.

  • On the page dedicated to CS2, in the FAQ section, there is a clear answer that says that the title, at least on servers protected by VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat), will remain inaccessible to VAC accounts or you will be banned from playing.

In conclusion, those who have a “ban” will have to swallow the bitter pill and watch the game from the position of a spectator. The title, as anticipated in yesterday’s announcement, will officially launch this summer.

At this point, access to the new CS will only be granted to selected players. At a later date, it is likely that more users with a good reputation on Steam will have the chance to try Counter-Strike 2 on the Source 2 engine. You can read more about closed testing here.

Invited players have shared this screenshot, showing the screen that greets them when they receive an invite.

Will banned CSGO players gain access to CS2?  Valve dispels doubts - photo #1

Invitation to the CS2 test. Source: Reddit

CS2 will be released as a free CSGO update. Along with the update, our accounts with saved skins and achievements will be transferred to the new version.

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