This week saw the premiere of one of the most anticipated anime of the spring season and practically all of 2023. After sweeping his sleeve, Oshi no Ko made the leap to television at the hands of the Doga Kobo studio with a masterful adaptation of its prologue, and as it was logical, right now there is thousands of viewers really excited about the story imagined by Aka Akasaka.

One of the most striking aspects of this work is the character designs themselves. Why do Ai Hoshino and her children Aqua and Ruby have those starry eyes?, Are they just decoration or do they have a special meaning? Well, the truth is that these students are more important than you think At first glance. And then I tell you why.

Starry eyes and their relationship to character emotions

  • First of all, it should be noted that the characters that possess starry eyes are Ai Hoshino, Ruby Hoshino, Aqua Hoshino, and Kamiki Hikaru (Akane also “brings them out” by impersonating B-Komachi’s former idol)
  • As of today Neither Akasaka-sensei nor anyone else has given a clear explanation of what those star-shaped pupils mean.but we, readers of the manga, can clarify several things
  • And before starting to analyze, I want to clarify that these eyes are directly related to the emotions of the person and the concept of “lies” (one of the most important in Oshi no Ko)
  • Now on to my personal notes, I hope you find them interesting:

Ai Hoshino

  • Ai grew up in an orphanage and never loved or felt loved by anyone. his true nature is really dark (he hates people) and he is projected through his eyes forming two big black stars
  • However most of the time she sports fuchsia pupils which radiate a lot of brightness due to the facade she created herself: become a professional liar who claims to love her fans
  • By dint of embracing this way of life for so long, the young woman “ended up becoming the lie” that she had created, and therefore she started being afraid of lying to herself and her children when she told them she loved them

Aqua Hoshino

  • The case of Aqua is more interesting than that of her mother, since from the start He was born with one normal eye and the other starry., Because? Perhaps because he came back into the world “with a lie under his arm”: that of being a reincarnated person who hides their other self
  • After Ai’s murder, her pupil becomes black and stylized. (like Ai), since now his true self was aimed get revenge of his father
  • However, when he finds out the culprit is dead, he feels great relief and decides to live the life that has been his lot as Aquamarine Hoshino, leaving Goro Amemiya (his other self) behind; Since their stars disappear and has normal eyes
  • But things change again when she discovers her father is alive and well, which is when Aqua resigns herself and decides to dedicate her life to completing her revenge at all costs, even if she has to use people and lie to achieve it; NOW his BOTH eyes have black stars

Hoshino Ruby

  • Aqua’s sister was also born with a starry eye. which she inherited from her mother, although the other explanation could be that she has it because she always had to hide her previous life as Serina
  • Ruby has always been characterized by wonderfully adapting to her new life and being happy, but things changed when she discovered Goro’s corpse; Now that she knows someone murdered her two loved ones, all she can think about is get revengeand which materializes in TWO Jet Black Starry Eyes

Kamiki Hikaru

Kamiki Hikaru
  • Not much is known about the father of the twins other than the fact that he has two black starry pupils since I was little
  • This denotes that Hikaru’s real personality is really dark

Akane Kurokawa

  • The case of Akane is particular, since is able to reproduce starry eyes without having any kind of connection with Ai Hoshino
  • This renowned actress is so good at imitating others that she can become an almost perfect double of the former idol, to achieve this look she simply has to “Create a grand facade full of lies”


  • Star-shaped eyes are a reflection of people’s emotions and true nature
  • The ace black pupils denote dark feelings like revenge, misfortune or hate
  • The ace white pupils they are the opposite, pure and authentic emotions related to the love
  • When you accept yourself and let go of the past, starry eyes disappear

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