Oshi no Ko“had a first chapter that honestly still thrills me. It had absolutely everything, and it honestly could feel like a movie on its own. But there’s still a lot to know about the twins of Ai Hoshino Indeed, it’s time to see what life expects from talented people aqua and rubyand since we will surely waste a lot of time talking about these two reincarnated, today I bring you a test to see which of the two twins you resemble the most.

Do you like Oshi no Ko? Find out which twin you are with this test

  • Of course, as I said There are only 2 possible outcomes: get Aqua or get Ruby. I didn’t want to include Ai because the story is really about the twins.
  • In total you will find 9 different questions, each with two different answers that will add points for one outcome or another. The result from which you get the most points based on your answers will be the one you find at the end of the test.
  • Although the test only has 2 results, you can repeat it as many times as you want to see if you can get both brothers.

The truth is that I may be surprised at the result of the test when I did it, but in the end I added more points from Ruby than from Aqua. At first, the character of the two twins is quite easy to distinguish, but I am convinced that now that they are teenagers, things will take on a lot more nuance than when they were just babies or children.. Ultimately, you have to remember that Aqua’s purpose in life is to kill her father, so moments of change will have to be there for sure.

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