It’s a new week, which means… there are new chapters Original sin! The Turkish series, a substitute for bitter earthhas already opted for Antena 3 to please the thousands of viewers who sit on its sofa every afternoon Monday to Friday and, from 5.30 p.m.they turn on the television to find out what’s going to happen in Original sin.

This new engagement from Atresmedia stars Eda Ece, who plays Yildiz Yilmaz, and Sevval Sam, an actress who plays Ender, as well as Sevda Erginci, who is Zeynep Yilmaz.

Do you want to know what will happen this week at Original sin? Here we leave you a moving forward with the chapters of each day:

Advance of Monday’s chapter in Original sin

In this Monday’s episode of Original sin, Yildiz runs away from Halit’s house and asks for a divorce, although he has to pay Sengül 100,000 lira so that he does not say how she planned to marry a rich man. Also, Zeynep comes back from Atlanta just so he can be with her.

Meanwhile, Ender convinces Zehra that she had nothing with Sinan and was playing matchmaker. While Halit is angry with his daughter, Ender vandalizes Zehra’s car to make her think she had an accident and thus achieve a father-daughter bond.

Original sina “cult classic”

The Turkish series was broadcast for the first time on the Antena 3 network to replace one of the most watched series in this calendar of Antena 3; Bitter land.

He was a tough opponent in battle, but what Spanish viewers did not expect is that this new fiction is considered a true “cult classic” in Turkey which has already surpassed 200 million viewers worldwide.

This has happened (and devastated) in countries like the United States, Mexico, Greece, Chile, Angola, Vietnam or Mozambique, to name a few. In all, reached a total of 70 countriesits success is therefore perfectly comparable to that of the previous series.

Are you looking for more reasons to see it? Well, it was also described as a “record” series by the Turkish media, due to its plot and the strength of its characters; like Sevda Erginci and Eda Ece, as sisters Yildiz and Zeynep, and Sevval Sam, as the imposing Ender.

The series followed the guidelines of Neslihan Yesilyurt, the same director of the success Unfaithfulbroadcast with great success by Antena 3 and the most watched series on television in 2022.

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