Start a new week in Original sinthe Turkish cult series on Antena 3. After the formidable finale of bitter earththe channel placed this new fiction for its daily afternoons and, although expectations were high, it turned out to be quite a promise.

From Monday to Friday, from 5.30 p.m.viewers can follow the adventures (and misadventures) of two sisters, Yildiz and Zeynep, played by Sevda Erginci and Eda Ece, and Ender, with actress Sevval Sam.

Original sin, The Turkish series “breaks records”

Original sin tells us the story of three women, very different from each other, who pursue the same goal: to fight to get what they want. His interpretation will cross the screen, demonstrating the great chemistry that exists between them thanks to the powerful relationship established by their characters.

This new Ottoman series has been a resounding audience success and has already exceeded 200 million viewers worldwide, having passed through the United States, Mexico, Greece, Chile, Vietnam, Angola and Mozambique. , among others more than 70 countries it has reached.

Additionally, it has been classified as a “record” seriesas the channel points out, by the Turkish press, which highlight not only the strength of the main plot, but also the interest aroused by the secondary characters.

What will happen in today’s chapter in Original sin

After everything that happened last week, a new episode of The origin of sinhe. In this first episode, Kemal reveals that Yildiz started working as a receptionist… And Ender was left in check! Will this be another opportunity to humiliate him?

Moreover, he hatched a new plan: Kemal must tell Halit that his wife has found a job, so that he will gain her trust. How will the employer react when he finds out?

Other Turkish series you can watch in Spanish

If you are a true fan of Turkish series, know that in addition to the titles that are on the air at the moment, like Original sin there Siblingsin Spain we have more than 60 Ottoman series dubbed or subtitled in Spanish which can be seen both on the various free television channels and on their online platforms and even on video on demand services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Turkish series of different styles are currently available on Mitele, Mitele+, Divinity, Atres Player Premium, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Nova and on Antena 3. Just search for them and enjoy them as almost certainly you will. have done it before with Woman, my daughter oh Love is in the air!

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