Operation Triumph It started in 2001 on Spanish television. After three editions, it started airing on Telecinco, until it was canceled in 2012. A few years later, the format was again rescued by TVE; only after three editions there didn’t seem to be any intention to re-release the talent show.

Three years after its last edition, it seems that TO come back and do it on a new broadcast channel. While the latest editions have been developed largely thanks to YouTube with 24h direct, Vertele has just confirmed that the company Amazon bought the format to stream it entirely on streaming through its platform, Amazon Prime Video.

After TO 2020, TVE ruled out the renewal of the talent show the most successful on television in Spain, therefore Amazon saw it as a perfect opportunity to adopt the format and prepare for the fourth stage of Operation triumph this time fully integrated into the digital world. This is something that Gestmusic, the producer of the program, had already considered even before the public television company made its decision.

In fact, Tinet Rubira, the boss of the production company, never confirmed that TO wasn’t going to come back. He even said in an interview for Vertele that if TVE was unwilling to continue with the format, the digital market could carry the program without the need for linear television. And the Catalan was not mistaken at all, now the program will return thanks to one of the platforms of streaming the largest in the world.

The platforms behind Operation Triumph

It seems like Amazon Prime Video wasn’t the only platform interested in integrating TO to your catalog. According to what Álvaro Díaz, the director of entertainment at netflixthe red N platform also participated in the offering. Movistar+ also wanted to opt for the program, although in the end everything indicates that the platform of streaming Amazon will be the one to sign the deal in the coming days.

The live galas and Canal 24h are back

According to information shared by the media, the new edition of Operation Triumph It will follow the same structure as the previous ones. The show will air a weekly live gala, in addition to the popular Canal 24 heures with which the biggest fans of the program will be able to follow the life and work of the candidates for the Academy at any time. All of this can be seen via Prime Video.

Even if Operation Triumph won’t be the first Talent oh reality show Spanish broadcast in streamingyes it will be the first to broadcast the galas live; since others have released their episodes on a delayed basis. That’s why the new edition of TO could open up a new market for these platforms.

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