The Wano arc finally provided us with detailed information on the life of Kozuki Oden, a character quite relevant in the plot of A play who became well known for accompanying Gol D. Roger on his journey to visit Laugh Tale and discover the great treasure that resided there. When in the anime manga they told us about their past, they presented many details that we did not know the pirate king crewand among them was the figure of Scopper Gaban.

With curiosity Eiichiro Oda, author of One Piece, gave a lot of importance to this character throughout the chapters that featured Oden’s past with Roger. He appeared in almost every major scene and did quite a bit of dialogue, in addition to being one of the few band members whose name is known. Afterwards I will lay out all known data on Gaban as well as a theory on what role he might play in the future..

Who is Scopper Gaban in One Piece?

  • Scopper Gaban was the helmsman of Gol D. Roger’s crewthe pirate king, so he was one of the most important members
  • During his countless travels, he established a curious friendly relationship with Buggy and Shankswhich he often made fun of
  • Although we don’t know how strong he was, we do know that he fought with a pair of axes and who, with Rayleigh, was one of Roger’s most trusted men
  • Curiously, we could deduce that he was the third commander of the group thanks to a pun: Gol D Roger (gold), Silvers Rayleigh (silver), Scopper Gaban (copper)

Where is Gaban now, will he meet Luffy?

a play

After Roger’s public execution We do not know what happened to Gaban. It is highly likely that he lives peacefully somewhere in the New World, but what really matters is whether or not he will reappear in the future. Many One Piece fans believe that this character will eventually meet Luffy and help him get to Laugh Tale..

Because? Because it is very suspicious that Crocus and Reyleigh were positioned so strategically on the mapas if they were at the perfect “checkpoint” for someone who wanted to get to the final island.

There is an interesting theory that Gaban will be the last member of Roger’s gang to lend a cable to the mugiwara to take them to Laugh Tale, and in fact it is thought to be the mysterious old man in sunglasses who appeared in the arch at Marineford and which raised so many suspicions in its time. The two men wear the same glasses and, depending on their age, it could be Gaban himself. But… what was he doing at East Blue?

We’ll have to be patient until the mystery is solved.

old man

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