A play“It was a very long season in which the quality of anime took a noticeable step forward. We’re talking about a weekly show that runs absolutely year-round, and despite that, it generally better entertainment than many shows that only come quarterly. Although they have achieved a feat like this, the truth is that for many it is not enough, and they have fallen severe criticism in RRSS in recent days.

They attack the One Piece anime for reusing some of its animations

Why are there people suddenly attacking “One Piece”? Well basically because Two cases have come out (there are probably more) in which Toei is clearly seen reusing animations from the anime (via @dasiennn):

Animations repurposed for Zoro

Animations repurposed for Sanji

And about it now I want comment a few thingsbecause it seems necessary to me given the situation:

  • Do I see this as something serious and questionable like they want to see in discussions on Twitter? Well honestly, no.
  • In the end, in most cases, these are animations reused for special character techniques, which obviously must have similar or identical choreography. To some extent, it’s like complaining about Goku always doing the same Kamehameha.
  • I can understand the criticisms regardless, but I still think that, again, you have to take into account that One Piece is an anime that hasn’t stopped for years. Thinking about it a bit, we understand that it is absolutely impossible to maintain such a pace (but also to add a step forward in production) without having to make some concessions..

I also think it’s necessary to point out that those most savagely criticizing the Twitter thread in which this went viral are ardent “Boruto” fans who, most likely, are in their 15s or 20s or haven’t quite simply that know how to take advantage of their business if, in doing so, they can attack others. Whether no one takes it as a war or something personal, in the end anime should be about having fun and building community, not trying to shape conflicts that make you feel better about yourself. empty way.

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