One Piece: The author explains why he decided to take a time jump in history

One Piece: The author explains why he decided to take a time jump in history

One Piece’s time jump is one of the most memorable moments in Eiichiro Oda’s entire manga and anime history.. This decision marked a clear before and after in the Straw Hat Pirates, preceded by a series of events that surely had the greatest impact on the story’s protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy. Now it’s finally revealed why Oda-sensei decided a “before and after” was really needed at that time.

One Piece’s time jump has a very logical reasoning

So I leave you with the statements you have collected @sandman_AP on this subject, and which really leave no room for doubt on the subject:

  • Basically, there are two key things to deal with regarding time skipping: the reason and why it was only a few years.
  • As for why Oda-sensei decided to jump back in time, the truth is that the answer becomes obvious if one remembers how things were back then in One Piece: it was impossible to imagine Luffy pulling an elite enemy out of the seas like a Yonko might well be.
Luffy isn’t the only member of the Straw Hat Pirates who performed well during the ‘break’
  • So far it seems everything is easy to understand, but, Why, if the idea was to prepare you for great dangers, did you only opt for a temporary 2-year leap?
  • Eiichiro Oda explains that, simply, he didn’t want to make Luffy too adult when he returned. There is no reason for this, only the author’s desire to keep the One Piece protagonist as someone very young.

The crazy thought crossed my mind that if Eiichiro Oda didn’t want to make Luffy an adult as such in “One Piece”, it was because he had in mind a story with the slightly older Straw Hat Pirates, à la “Shippuden”.. Obviously, it seems unreal to think that after so many decades, Oda-sensei could already have something planned after “One Piece” but without leaving his characters and/or his main world. Anyway, what at least there’s no longer any doubt about is why the franchise’s iconic time jump came to be.

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