Dragon Ball Super: manga chapter 91 is now available in Spanish and for free

Dragon Ball Super: manga chapter 91 is now available in Spanish and for free

Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes“It happens, now yes, to officially dominate the manga of”Dragon Ball Super“. After the last 3 months worked as a prequel with Goten and Trunks as protagonists, it’s time for the story led by Gohan and Piccolo to shine in its own way. And indeed, this first chapter serves to mark what it is. clear to orient: the manga will seek to expand and tell the story with some nuance regarding the anime film itself.

Chapter 91 of Dragon Ball Super manga is now at your fingertips

But without further ado, I leave you below all you need to keep in mind To enjoy this chapter 91 of the manga “Dragon Ball Super”:

  • As always you have Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 91 available on official Manga Plus website.
  • Next to chapter 91, You can continue to enjoy both the first 3 chapters of the Dragon Ball Super manga and the 3 most recent ones. That is to say, currently you will also find 89 and 90, which are part of the “trilogy” of the Super Hero prequel.
  • Barring a big surprise, the manga should also return with chapter 92 already during the month of April. This, logically, will continue to tell the adaptation of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.
  • For now there is no confirmation of the extension that this arc of the manga will have, but it shouldn’t be extremely long.

It is clear that this arc of “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” in the manga will not surprise anyone who has already seen the film, but in any case Hope this helps dispel any doubts about Gohan’s transformation or things like his comment that ‘it’s possible that neither Vegeta nor Goku could defeat Cell Max‘, which drives more than one crazy due to the power levels. What is said: it may not be the paradigm of surprise, but in the same way it may end up becoming much more necessary than it seems.

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