SFollow the best Spanish VALORANT competition in play. Today is the third part of the competition, and the truth is that it is very regular. UCAM Tokiers are the only team that fall slightly outside the mid-table group, two games away from several draws.

The second after them is right now ZETA, the only team to have lost only one match. Lots of excitement in the Spanish league, and it’s only just begun. The third week, which is also a super week because it will have a day on Sundaygives us incredible matches.

Precisely ZETA starts today’s matches against the rebels which went from less to more. On this day, we have clashes between the teams of the upper middle zone against those of the lower zone. AYM fight for their first victory against UCAMthey will therefore have to give everything for everything.

Day 6 VCL Rising

As we have already said, Today I will play the top of the ranking against the bottom. Some are afraid of tripping their way out of the mid-table team, and others need to finally win to get addicted to that same group. The equality is maximum, but who will win?

  • 17:00 ZETA-Rebels Gaming
  • 18:00 AYM-UCAM Tokiers
  • 19:00 Movistar Riders-KPI Gaming
  • 20:00 CASE Esports-Falcons
  • 21:00 Team Queso-Ramboo

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