Omar Montes talks like never before about his difficult childhood marked by bullying

Omar Montes talks like never before about his difficult childhood marked by bullying

At 34, Omar Montes He managed to become a successful singer and achieve some of his dreams, however, if he looks back, his life was not a bed of roses in which accomplishments came to him by sheer luck.

This Saturday, in the new episode of Let yourself be loved the artist sat down with Paz Padilla to surprise one of his biggest fans, but before that emotional moment, the winner of Survivors 2019 He opened up on the channel and opened up about the more misunderstood aspects of his professional and personal lifeand no, it did not leave anyone indifferent.

Omar Montes and Paz Padilla in ‘Let Yourself Be Loved’ / Telecinco (Let yourself be loved)

The circumstances experienced by Omar Montes during the first years of his life were particularly difficult: “It was a complicated neighborhood, we have spent enough fatigue“, he admitted. The interpreter of Allocation He explained that he grew up “in a cabin with my grandmother, my grandfather and my mother”: “I had my little blue bathtub in which they bathed me on the patio and all the children saw me. All the children saw me bathing in it. and, of course, for me it was normal,” he revealed.

The artist wanted to talk about all the hardships his family has gone through: “Sometimes if I ate, we didn’t have dinner. My mother went crazy asking for help. Another thing is that they didn’t help her as much as she needed because there are a lot of needy people and more in these neighborhoods,” she said.

Salvation by Omar Montes

In addition to recounting some of the hardest aspects of his life, Omar Montes also wanted to talk about a situation he experienced in his childhood and which marked him: bullying. The artist revealed that he had a very bad time during these episodes of harassment and relived a difficult moment: “They were playing ball and suddenly a boy grabbed my ball and threw it at me in the cemetery. I was climbing the cemetery wall and when I was about to jump, a boy pushed me and I fell on my face. I almost killed myself, I was unconscious for ten minutes. My mother and my grandmother were crying until they found me,” he said.

Now that he knows that with his message he can reach thousands of children who are going through a similar situation, the artist wanted to give them some advice: “You have to stand up to the aggressor and cut him off. It’s not a sneaky thing to ask for help. In the neighborhoods they say that if you ask for help you’re a snitch, but it’s not like that. Asking for help is not for cowards.“, he assured.

Although many believe that music was Omar Montes’ salvation, the truth is that they are wrong. His main refuge was “gym and boxing”, he confessed, explaining that the music came later: “I always sang, but singing never worked for me. I succeeded to hit with the song. With me with my little brother Moncho, but before there was no money. I invested in music more than I earned.”

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