The former CEO of G2 is again the protagonist of a great controversy on social networks

Lately it seems like everyone great controversies that end up going viral on social media revolve around the world of streaming. After the ‘stings’ caused by the results of the Esland Awards came the massive funas in Biyín and Auronplay, and a few days ago the topic of Tiparraco’s behavior at Jordi Wild’s MMA party came up. We’ve had a very hectic and gravy-packed 2023, and if all that wasn’t enough, Ocelot got people talking again with his latest statements.

This Spanish businessman, who became so famous for having founded the G2 Esports club from scratch (one of the most famous on the entire planet), had to leave his post as CEO after attending a private party with personalities as dodgy as Andrew Tate. Now, months after what happened, Ocelote is back with a new controversy born of a series of tweets.

Ocelot is again accused of being misogynistic

  • Recently Ocelote echoes a video of Tik Tok in which a woman claims the role of “traditional wives” claiming the following: “Young people there, that’s a 10”
  • As expected, thousands of people were outright against these statements to express clearly misogynistic ideas where the role of being is defended a woman who lives to cook, clean and take care of her husband
  • Far from remaining insensitive to these criticisms, Ocelot justifies his remarks with the following sentence: “One in 10 women is the one who uses her instincts to cheer me up”
  • Now it’s a little better to realize that this person and Andrew Tate went out partying together, right?

With all of this, it seems clear that Carlos Ocelote won’t hesitate for a second to share his ideas and opinions on anythingno matter what others may think. The cancellation he suffered months ago and which took him away from the world of esports seems to have shaken him at the media level. What are the future plans of this businessman to get back on track?

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