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Newsom Slams Gun Control Opponents After Deadly California Shootings: ‘I’m Ashamed Of Them’

Governor said that massacres are not just incidents, “we have to solve these patterns, and Congress is required to assume bold leadership. But the Republican Party has been obstructing it.”

In less than a week, California Governor Gavin Newsom once again became the epicenter of a protest against opponents of gun control and gun safety reform, first after the Monterey Park massacre and then after the shootings. fatalities in Half Moon Bay.
The Democrat highlighted the precarious conditions in which the peasants of the area live. He gave the example of the survivor’s eagerness to leave the hospital despite having a shattered leg.

“I can’t afford to spend any more time here. I don’t have the money,” the survivor told Governor Newsom, who again condemned the lack of gun control in the country.

At a news conference held at the Portuguese Cultural Center in Half Moon Bay, Newsom said he was still processing Saturday’s Monterey Park mass shooting after attending a similar news conference.
Newsom said one of the Monterey Park shooting victims he spoke to Monday had died Tuesday morning.

“I met a man yesterday morning on life support. The next morning he passed away,” Newsom said. “It was said at the time and it is still true: only in the United States. This only happens in the United States, and it is under our control. We have allowed this to happen.”

Newsom said the common denominator among mass shootings in the US was the availability and prevalence of guns, as well as the Republican Party’s resistance to gun control measures.

“The common denominator is these damn weapons,” Newsom said. “Gun safety saves lives. The modern gun safety movement began with Ronald Reagan. The Republican Party should investigate that guy!”

Newsom went on to single out the Republican Party, and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in particular, for his resistance to increased gun control measures.

“I am still waiting for Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the House of Representatives, who claims to represent the people of the state of California and the proud and remarkable district of Kern County. We haven’t heard a damn word from him. Newsom said. “

Newsom also called out judges who struck down some of California’s strict gun regulations.

“What a shame for these judges who are reversing the laws that we have established in the state of California,” he said. “You deserve something better. We deserve better. And that’s why I’m here processing, like all of us, the absurd, the theater, look around you, of the absurd. Only in the United States.”

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