New York: Trump says judge hearing his case ‘hates’ him

New York: Trump says judge hearing his case ‘hates’ him

NEW YORK – Former President Donald Trump began to criticize the judge in charge of his case, a few hours after the publication of his indictment, assuring that he “hates” him and that he was indeed chosen by the prosecutors.

In the post he just wrote on his Truth Social network, Trump once again insists that he is the victim of a witch hunt, which manifested itself again during the election of the Judge Juan Manuel Marchán, who will be the first to hear his case and read the charges to him during his appearance, presumably next Tuesday.

“The judge ‘assigned’ to my witch hunt case (…) HATES ME”, he wrote in capital letters, recalling that a former president of the country has never been charged before.

He disqualified Marchán for several reasons: “He was chosen by (the Manhattan Tax Alvin) Bragg and the prosecutors, and he’s the same person who accused my former CFO Allen Weisselberg of making a plea deal (and going) to jail.”

Marchán “bullied Allen, which a judge cannot do,” insists Trump.

Allen Weisselberg was sentenced in January to five months in prison by the Supreme Court of the State of New York, a light sentence because of his pact with the prosecution.

Those five months of imprisonment in Rikers Island prison – known for its harsh conditions – could be reduced to just 100 days of effective compliance if Weisselberg, 75, shows good behavior.

So far, Trump has not said whether he plans to appear alone in court where the charges will be read, although a lawyer on his team, Suzan R. Nechels, has assured that he will appear next Tuesday and some of his supporters, such as Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green, announced their presence in New York to support him.

Trump’s invective against prosecutor Alvin Bragg has been constant, calling him a “racist”, a tool of financier George Soros and hating America.

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