The statement came directly from the New York mayor’s office, referring to the sending of irregular migrants from Texas, a state that borders Mexico, and sent by bus to the Big Apple. According to the governor, Greg Abbott, the shipments of migrants to states with Democratic governments are made to distribute the migratory load that their territory supports.

Four new buses with at least 140 irregular migrants arrived this Wednesday at the Central Station in Manhattan. Among them, families with children and babies.

“Clearly, Abbott is using innocent human beings as a weapon against New York, and that is very wrong,” said Mayor’s Immigration Commissioner Manuel Castro.

He personally receives the new arrivals, in need of attention after several days of travel.

The official accused the Texas governor of hiring a private security company to keep the families inside the buses, even though they all had signed a consent for their transfer.

But why the accusation of the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, of manipulating the situation of migrants?

The state president openly admitted that he seeks to share the migratory burden in his territory, a state bordering Mexico. And he argues that New York and Washington D.C., being progressive cities governed by Democratic mayors, are the ones that have to assume their part, in a problem that he considers national.

“There is no coordination”

The truth is that between New York and Texas there is no coordination between their leaders to facilitate the stay of migrants.

This was denounced by Manuel Castro, who also stated that they are not even clear about how many migrants will arrive on each bus, nor their physical or medical condition. However, the Immigration Commissioner of the New York mayor’s office assured that the city “is prepared to receive as many as they arrive” and provide them with food, drink and medical attention.

Greg Abbott’s position

Previously, in an article written for the Fox network, Governor Abbott stated that “if the mayors of the most populous city in the United States and the nation’s capital are complaining about a few thousand immigrants, imagine what these small border populations with limited resources”, lines with which he outlined his position.

The Republican governor has sent more than 6,000 people on buses to Washington and New York since April.

Abbott thus puts the immigration issue on the table during an election year, in which he is running for a third term as governor of Texas.

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