Dozens of tourists were vaccinated for free in New York City over the weekend.

The tourist vaccination program promoted by the mayor of New York City, Bill De Blasio , has started successfully during its first day this weekend.

Dozens of tourists from New York City were immunized with Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose vaccine this Saturday and Sunday through a program developed by De Blasio to restore the Big Apple’s economy.

In the well-known Port 2 near the Brooklyn Bridge, tourists flocked to access the free vaccine against covid-19. The city also placed other free vaccination points for tourists at different points such as Times Square, Central Park and the High Line park.

De Blasio used the strategy of free vaccination to tourists arriving in New York as a way to boost the economy amid revivals of the entertainment sector in the city, as well as other sectors of tourism.

The city of New York began to reactivate its economy at the beginning of last April, when the vaccination day took a positive rhythm. Since then, de Blasio has fought to get much of the city to start reviving.

The most important thing for Mayor De Blasio at this time is to be able to attract the millions of tourists who lost interest in visiting New York City after the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic on the economy.

New York City’s five boroughs are beginning to revive after a year of closures, restrictions and losses. Mayor De Blasio has supported the reactivation with some safety measures such as the use of the mask to avoid outbreaks in those people who have not yet been vaccinated against covid-19.

Last Friday, the state of New York approved extending the scope of vaccination in the city for all those who live in the United States and are over 16 years old.

Governor Cuomo’s approval came after Mayor De Blasio last Thursday proposed free vaccination for all tourists visiting New York City.

During the last 14 months, tourists have displaced the city as one of the first tourist destinations to visit as a result of the damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in New York.

In recent weeks, the presence of travelers in the Big Apple has increased slightly, this is due to the fact that the authorities have already approved the reactivation of entertainment venues and the tourism sector.

De Blasio defined this new program to vaccinate tourists with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine as a way for visitors to be vaccinated and enjoy their stay in the city.

“This is a positive message for tourists. Come here, it is safe, it is very safe to be and we will take care of you. We will make sure he is vaccinated while he is here with us,” De Blasio said last week.

In addition, the mayor unveiled a new investment plan of $ 25 million to hire 1,500 artists and performers who will create murals, pop-up shows and other works, with the purpose of boosting the arts and entertainment sector to attract more tourists.

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