The Conjuring and the Warren File saga will expand with a new series for MAX

After three movies there five film spinoffsthe universe of “Conspiracy” is about to expand even further, this time on the small screen with a new series. The franchise was created by James Wan and is produced by Saffron Stone, who will also be the producer of this project. the series is officially in development by MAXthe new streaming platform of Discovery of Warner Bros. formerly known as HBO Max. Keep reading for the first details of this new series from ‘The Conjuring’ universe.

‘The Conjuring’ story expands with new series

We still don’t know much about the series in development, but it is confirmed that “will continue the story established in the feature films”. Presumably, it will follow the cases of paranormal investigators. Ed and Lorraine Warrenthe marriage in real life interpreted cinematically by Patrick Wilson there Vera Farmiga. This couple is facing all kinds of demonic terror in the United States and even in the United Kingdom. The producer of James Wan (series creator) Atomic Monster Productions there The Safran company (from the producer of Warner Bros Peter Safran) will produce this new series in collaboration with WBTV. It is expected that James Wan also executive producer of the project.

The Conjuring Universe So Far

The Warren Wedding Universe currently consists of seven films. The main story of Conspiracy has a trilogy starring the Warren couple. the doll annabelle is the second major brand in this horror universe, with his own trilogy as the protagonist. The other two films are La Llorona there the nunthe latter will have a sequel: The Nun 2, which will be released on September 8.

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