The Denver Police Department (DPD) arrested 20-year-old Jolene Beyer-LaCrue, mother of Gianna Rosales (Gigi), the 9-month-old Hispanic baby who died in strange circumstances due to the forceful blows she suffered in the head.

Beyer-LaCrue is being held for a child abuse investigation that resulted in the girl’s death, reported (DPD).

Gianna Rosales was taken to a local hospital on August 3, 2020 for an evaluation of her injuries and, tragically, she was pronounced deceased the next day. The Denver Medical Examiner’s Office determined that Gianna’s cause of death was blunt force wound.

After the arrest in connection with the death of Gianna Rosales, the 9-month-old baby who had been transported to the hospital on August 3 for head injuries and unfortunately died the next day, her father Anthony Rosales breaks the silence.

Denver Police also arrested Cain Gallardo, 21, a boyfriend of the baby’s mother and charged with first-degree murder in connection with the death of Gianna Rosales.

The arrest affidavit is currently sealed and is not available for release.

The forensic report says the cause of Gianna’s head injuries remains unclear, so the cause of death was determined to be undetermined. ”

Gianna Rosales was allegedly killed by her mother’s boyfriend, according to authorities.

The baby was in the mother’s custody at the time of her death, according to Anthony Rosales, the girl’s father.

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