The performance of bad bunny In Coachella 2023 It is making news all over the world. Headlines and minutes of radio and television in the main media that highlight the fact that the reggaetonero has become the first Latino artist to headline the aforementioned festival.

However, a second front has opened up on social media in which the Puerto Rican’s performance has caused blisters. Because during a moment of his performance, messages on the social networks of anonymous users were broadcast on the giant screens of the show. One of them has been at the center of controversy: “Good night. Benito could have done As it is but Harry could never have done The Blackout.”

The message, without a username or photo, does not appear during a simple search on the social network of Twitter which the format displayed on the screen seems to correspond to. No mention on any other network, no user identified in the tweet…

A circumstance that led many users to think that the message came directly from the artist or his environment. But why did the reggaeton player decide to show it during his show at Coachella? It must be remembered that the Briton was the headliner of 2022 in which Bad Bunny was not.

Is there a disagreement between the two artists? Hostility? This does not seem to be the case since last year, the Puerto Rican was present at a concert of the old One Direction tour. And a few weeks ago, he performed in a carpool karaoke in which he had no doubts about getting into the aforementioned singing As He Was.

Some have assured that the rivalry can come from their competition both in the main playlists of the most listened to platforms and in the main prizes. Because if Bad Bunny was the most listened to artist of 2022, As it was was the most played song of that year above any song from the album A summer without you of the Latin artist .

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