Neobanks in the United States: which are the best 2023 and what do they offer?

At Globe Live Media we explain which are the best neobanks for this 2023 in the United States, as well as the various services they offer and what are their most attractive features
In other Globe Live Media articles we have referred to neobanks, financial institutions that offer banking services digitally and that have had a significant boom in recent years. Neobanks are becoming more popular with US consumers every day due to their lower monthly fees and high interest rates. Therefore, it is vital that you know which are the best neobanks in the United States, so that you can take advantage of their attractive qualities.
That is why the GoBankingRates portal has prepared a list of the best neobanks in the United States for this 2023, detailing the characteristics that make them special, as well as the services they offer.

What are the best neobanks of 2023 in the United States?

GoBankingRates compiled a list of the 10 best neobanks that exist in the United States for this 2023, including a series of factors such as monthly fees, the minimum balance that you must have in the account, the performance of savings accounts and the operation of its mobile apps.

Among them are:

SoFi has a wide range of services, including high interest rates on savings and checking accounts combined, as well as an alliance with more than 55,000 ATMs with no additional surcharges.

In addition, SoFi has a system of incentives, bonuses and rewards for potential customers.

2- Acorns
Acorn offers low-cost deposit accounts that encourage saving and investing, making it ideal for anyone new to banking and investing.

In addition, it offers micro-investment options that can be useful for first-time investors.

3- Betterment
Betterment is one of the pioneers in the world of robo-advisors, offering savings accounts that have yields 15 times higher than the average national savings account.

In addition, they do not impose surcharges on the accounts.

Chime has a checking account that requires no monthly payments and has minimum balance requirements that are easy to meet. Plus, it allows you to make cash deposits at some retail stores, make payments without the need for checks, and is ideal for those without high credit scores.

Current is a financial technology company with a robust mobile app and a host of tools that allow users to budget, allowing them to save optimally.

In addition, it has very high returns for savings accounts, and allows the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies without additional surcharges.

GO2Bank savings accounts offer a 4.5% return for users with account balances up to $5,000, and also offer 7% cash back when you purchase eGift cards from nearly 100 stores on their mobile app.

7- Lending Club Bank
What characterizes LendingClub Bank as a neobank of excellence are its rewards. This neobank offers cash-back debit cards as well as high-yield savings accounts.

Their savings accounts, by the way, have no monthly service fees, and only require a minimum of $100 deposit to open.

8- Revolt
Although Revolut is not exactly a neobank, it is a company that offers banking services, such as savings and checking accounts, as well as credit cards, which are issued through Metropolitan Commercial Bank and Sutton Bank.

In addition, it offers investment services through EFTs, stocks and cryptocurrencies, as well as foreign currency exchange and money transfer services.

9- Upgrade
Upgrade is a financial technology company that offers, in addition to checking and savings accounts, credit cards and personal loans.

Like other neobanks, it offers high returns compared to other savings accounts in the country (up to 4.13% for accounts with a balance of $1,000 dollars), and has a rewards program that reimburses up to 2% of purchases made with cards debit.

10- Varus
Varo is a neobank that offers good benefits to its users, and is also insured with the FDIC, which means that your money in its checking and savings accounts is protected against any adversity. In addition, they do not have hidden fees of any kind.

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