On June 10, 2022, Natalia Lacunza realized one of her dreams after releasing her first album, it must be for mewhich came four years after entering Operación Triunfo and after two EPs in which Pamplona rose to prominence in the music industry while experimenting and seeking its own sound.

At the beginning of March, in addition, the singer created a short documentary divided into four episodes in which He showed his fans the process of creating and composing the album, as well as the moments leading up to its release or preparing for live performances..

Now Natalia Lacunza is completely immersed in the preparation of new music. In recent weeks, we have seen her launch collaborations with artists as different as Ana Mena, María Escarmiento, Shego or Zahara.; but the artist also had time to browse social networks and give some clues about all the new songs that are coming in the coming months, without forgetting to thank all his fans for the real dream of being able to live music.

Some songs are coming… they’re so cute, like a soft plush… fun, fresh and sensitive like us” he published just a few hours ago, after a few tweets in which he informed us of the progress of the last few days: “meetings meetings dates songs“.

And it seems that the Navarrese has prepared many new songs in which everything seems to indicate that she will continue to open her heart to show us her most sensitive part, even if At the moment, the release date of his next single or if it will be part of a larger project is unknown.

What we do know, as we mentioned, is that Natalia Lacunza is having one of her best professional moments (just a few weeks ago we saw her perform at the opening gala of the Malaga Film Festival), something she also wanted to thank her fans via Twitter: “making music is the funniest and most exciting thing I know is that I burn 8000 kcal a day just with the serotonin it gives me, Thank you for helping this girl pay her rent by doing what she loves is that there are days when I wake up and I hallucinate ,” she wrote enthusiastically.

Spain and the whole world are ready for the return of the artist with songs that warm the heart and sound like a hug. When will we know the title or release date of a new song? For now, we have to wait.

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