naruto“has in Naruto and Sasuke himself two of the most popular and well-known characters in all of anime history. The story of the two ninjas of Konoha, mostly united by a fate that placed them on two different sides of the same coin, has made millions of people fall in love for years…but It seemed that absolutely no one thought of Sakura, and when he did, it was in a negative way. Well it remains Totally denied when the NARUTOP99 votes were revealed.

Even Masashi Kishimoto himself didn’t know that Sakura was such a popular character among Naruto fans.

For those unfamiliar, NARUTOP99 was a worldwide survey to determine which “Naruto” character would play in a new manga. The ultimate winner was Minato, but Sakura qualified in third place, resulting in comments from the author of the book:

  • After seeing that Sakura ranked as the third most voted character in NARUTOP99, Masashi Kishimoto said that ‘(…) He also didn’t know that Sakura was so loved all over the world. As the creator of the series, I’m glad to know.‘.
Sakura, the most famous kunoichi in the entire Naruto universe
  • The reality is that in the past Sakura was a very criticized character in the Naruto universe: some attacked her “spoiled girl” persona, others that she was too flat compared to Naruto and Sasuke. However, NARUTOP99 revealed that over time, the kunoichi has become an increasingly popular character.
  • To the votes of general popularity, it should be added that there have been some in which the best fights in all of Naruto, and it was precisely Sakura who starred in the fan-favorite fight. Then I leave you with the video that collected these same results:

And you, what do you think of Sakura’s place in the “Naruto” universe? Personally, he’s a character I’ve never hated, especially because I understand that it must be particularly difficult to find yourself in the position of teaming up with two ninjas who end up shaping an entire modern era of ninjutsu.. Sakura may have had her flawed sides, but eventually she worked hard to be able to look into the eyes of those she could only look behind their backs for a long time.

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