After the first debate to settle the accounts of island of temptations and while waiting for the second next Monday, we have Temptations after the show in MiTele More than leaves us all the salseo of the program.

Noemi She is among those who stopped at the program table to answer questions from viewers and one of them wanted to know Which of her classmates’ boyfriends would she have had a relationship with?.

“As soon as I saw them coming, I said: ‘Alejandro is a hottie’. She’s a hottie. Above, my role: tall, tattoos…“, he recognized without thinking too much and without worrying about the opinion of Laura, the ex of Alejandro with whom he had his pluses and minuses in the debate.

at the table of Temptations after the showsomeone thought Alejandro hit her more than Adrian. Others thought it was more related to Napleseven if Iban Garcia was thrown in assuring that the one that really suited him was alexander. ” What ? Naomi reacted.

“Yes because You both have a point to meet, listen to reggaeton in the background and drink a beer sitting on a bench”. Naomi totally rejected it: “I’m not a beer in a bank, I’m a champagne drinker.”

But it seems that now she is happy with Adrián and no one else is considered in her life, let alone Álex, who has a horrible history with him. Marina full of comings and goings and infidelities.


He took it all with humor until Yenesi told him that during the debate, when he was in the audience, he shouted “unemployment” at her. Naomi did not hesitate to answer it and moreover also to Clela when she asked what she was going to be working on when her boy left her: “You know what? What she would like.”

Yenesi explained that she used this label because it seems she has a lot of time to create social media accounts to spy on. Naomi clarified that These are accounts he created before he met her.. And the influencer told her that Keyla was very good at networking, to which Naomi reacted with a big laugh.

It is clear that it will be difficult for a friendship to form between them.

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