ruth lorenzo He will always be one of the most emblematic Spanish representatives of the Eurovision Song Contest. The singer, who has just released her new EP, The Queen, he was at LOS40 studios a few days ago to talk about this long-awaited work by his fans and his current relationship with the music industry. But on top of all that, as expected, he also had to come back to a recurring theme in all his interviews: Eurovision.

“What distinguished me at Eurovision was that I was very rebellious. I generated a direct link with Eurofan and I did something that people felt part of,” said explained the artist during this meeting with LOS40. “I had my proposal, but it represented a whole country. I did not close myself to listening to those who love the festival. Who owns Eurovision is the eurofan“.

In this sense, Ruth Lorenzo also recognized the work of Televisión España in this last stage. Chanel’s result, after the Benidorm Fest, marked a before and after in Spain’s career towards success in the popular music competition. “I’ve known Chanel for years. In fact, she was my dancer in giants. I remember conversations with her both dreaming“, she explained before sharing a very beautiful moment that they lived together during an evening on the program Night Blanket. “rang giants and Chanel and I started screaming and doing the choreography together. Then, very quietly, we started crying. During the recording of this music video, we talked about the projects we had, how I wanted to develop my career, and she asked me: ‘Ruth, how can I achieve this?’. I told him: ‘Chanel, work and believe in yourself’.

Finally, Ruth Lorenzo recalled the words she passed on to the Chanel team before conquering Europe with her Slow motion and, above all, having experienced first-hand the bittersweet part of being the center of media attention. “I told them to take care of her because Chanel is a dancer and dancers are very special. They work for very small wages and work in pain. It’s rare that a dancer’s body doesn’t do wrong,” she said. “I told them: ‘take care of her because Chanel knows how to work on the pain, she won’t realize when she has to stop‘. I adore him and I love him very much.”

If you want to see the full interview with Ruth Lorenzo…¡dale al play!

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