The fans of Myke towers they are lucky. If a few days ago your favorite artist created by surprise Bittersweethis new EP, has made headlines again after the unexpected release of his latest EP Freezing hot.

Play with opposing elements, the Puerto Rican brings this “hot ice cream” composed of four songs that bring new sounds and many rhythms to dance to. Once again, the artist makes love and sexual attraction the protagonists of this project, which presents itself as a perfect Valentine’s Day gift to dedicate to the person with whom you want to share your time.

The artist moves through urban sounds in Dessert, In Nobody, Gallery Dept there Only $exo, the songs that make up this track list. “Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, here I leave ICY HOT as a gift, I hope you enjoy it and dedicate it! Let me know which one is your favorite, speak clearly,” Myke says on social media.

As expected, the launch of Icy Hot shocked its fans and caused all sorts of reactions on the networks. Although the comment that comes up the most is the one that begs the artist to release his new album. It will be Bittersweet there Freezing hot previews of what we’ll hear in his next big release? “For a while it’s fine, but before March the album please,” says one of his fans.

In fact, for more inri, the artist shared the link of his EP on Instagram Stories and assured that “it sounds like an album”. Is it a wink to all those who ask you to release your new tracklist soon?

The Young Kingz once again becomes the protagonist of the day for his millions of fans around the world. We’ll have to wait to hear more about his new musical era, but what’s clear is that Towers is more than ready to hit clubs around the world.

What’s your favorite Icy Hot song?

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