Kouhei Horikoshi announced quite some time ago that the manga of “my hero academia” had entered its final stretch, and in fact everything indicates that the conclusion is closer than far at this point. However, as this final closure has lengthened, the author’s health problems have also increased , which at the moment he seems to have no way to manage his physical condition. Indeed, I say this because, once again, an abrupt end to the manga has been announced.

My Hero Academia Manga is going to take an unscheduled hiatus due to copyright issues

So I leave you with all the details that have been put forward about that unexpected announcement about “My Hero Academia” (via WSJ_Manga):

  • Basically, it has been confirmed that for the next two weeks there will be no new chapter from the My Hero Academia manga.
  • Starting with Weekly Shonen Jump issue 15, which will be released on March 13, 2023, also adds issue 16 of the magazine like those who will see the total absence of news concerning the history of Deku and company.
There’s the thing about letting Horikoshi rest like it happened to Deku recently in the anime
  • If all goes well and these two weeks allow Kouhei Horikoshi to recover well, it is expected that the manga My Hero Academia resume your activity from issue 17 of the magazine (which should be for March 27).
  • this is the second two-week break in just over a month that the author of My Hero Academia is taken, which should be a dead giveaway that you are VERY far from optimal physical condition. It only remains to hope that things do not go further with the little that remains to be done at this stage.

The truth, I think the only reason “My Hero Academia” isn’t going into a huge hiatus right now is precisely because, as I commented, the end of the manga should be very close at this point.. Otherwise, surely situations like those of Kentarou Miura, author of “Berserk”, or today the calm with “Hunter x Hunter” and Togashi-sensei would have forced Horikoshi-sensei not to be in this constant standoff. Hope everything works out in the end.

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