Cuban migrants stranded in Reynosa are entering the United States (Photo: Cuban Exile Channel – Facebook)

A total of 60 Cubans, who were stranded in the border city of Reynosa, managed to enter the United States on Sunday to wait in this place for a response to their asylum application, he reported. The universal.

In the early hours of the morning, the Caribbean people received the access notification and in the morning they showed up at the Reynosa-Hidalgo International Bridge to comply with the protocols prior to entry.

“They called us at 12 at night, it was a surprise. They welcomed us very well for the interviews. In my case, they asked me a little more questions because they knew I had leadership on the border, ”said Yoandrys Bolaño Vázquez, who for a couple of years defended the rights of his compatriots in Mexico.

The Caribbean man was on many occasions the spokesperson for the Cubans stranded in Reynosa who requested asylum in the United States and were returned to Mexican territory as part of the Migrant Protection Protocol (PPM).

In one of his last interviews with the Mexican media, Bolaño Vázquez commented that Cubans in Reynosa were experiencing economic difficulties to pay the rent for rooms and get food.

The Cuban also regretted, earlier this month, that the US was not giving access to migrants with open asylum applications stranded in Reynosa, but to those who were in other cities such as Matamoros and Ciudad Juárez.

While his immigration status is being defined, Bolaño Vázquez will be living in Austin, Texas, with some friends and will try to achieve economic independence through painting artistic works and mounting exhibitions.

“I want to thank Reynosa, all the people of that border because they always treated us humanely, because they are a city that provides support to the migrant, I am grateful for having supported me for so long in their land,” he added.

President Joe Biden decided to suspend the PPM so that at least 25,000 of the more than 70,000 migrants with open asylum applications can enter the United States to await a response to their request.

In recent weeks there have been stories of other Cubans who also had the opportunity to enter the United States in the hope of achieving a better quality of life.

Telemundo 51 reported the case of Marilú and Emilio, a couple of Cuban grandparents who, after two years of stay in Ciudad Juárez, were reunited with their family in the United States.

Last Monday, a Cuban identified as Yadira managed to enter as part of a group of 28 selected migrants who were living in the Senda de Vida shelter.

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